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Industrial B2B SEO: What's Going on With Fracking?

WRITTEN by: Bill Sterzenbach |
categories: Industrial , SEO

Jan 2012


Watching the interesting trends...

If you provide industrial services in Ohio, you've heard of fracking. If you've not heard of it, here you go.

What's this got to do with search?

The search trends we're seeing in exclusively the Cleveland and Columbus area are staggering. Take a look at the chart below. This is the number of searches for the term "fracking" that have taken place in Cleveland within the last 30 days. Searches for fracking have over doubled.

Why Should I Care?

If you provide any services that support this technology, you need to investigate a geo-targeted search campaign promoting your services. I'm thinking mechanical services, hydraulic services, mobile repair, lubricants, etc. If you're not in the industrial services/supplies sector, you should also be thinking "what do guys out there doing this need day to day?". Here we can get into mobile food services, lodging, and much much more.

Large, geo-centric spikes such as this one offer an incredible opportunity for those who are tuned in. We can help you monitor these signals and give you the intelligence you need to capitalize.

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