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Playing Favorites. Using Twitter as a Business Development Tool

WRITTEN by: Bill Sterzenbach |
categories: Business Growth , Content Marketing

Jun 2015


Playing Favorites. The term generally evokes negative connotations - unless you're the person doing it. Let's take a look at how you can use favorites to develop your brand and build your business.


What are Twitter Favorites?

Twitter created the favorite feature to allow users to "bookmark" an interesting tweet. The process of favoriting a tweet does a few things:

  1. Alerts the owner of the tweet that you've favorited their tweet
  2. Creates a shortcut for you to follow later in your favorites list
  3. Displays to others that you found this tweet interesting without requiring that you share the tweet with your followers


Why Should You Favorite Tweets?

From a business development/networking perspective, favoriting a tweet lets the author know that you are endorsing their post. It's also an additional way of drawing their attention to you. I personally prefer to favorite tweets when I find content published by an author I like, but the specific tweet is not a perfect fit for my followers. The favorite says "I'm telling you and everyone else that I like your tweet, but not retweeting because it would not be a fit for most of my audience".


Great! I'm Going to Favorite Everything!

Please don't. Don't be that guy. You'll ruin the internet. Use the favorite feature in the same way you'd use a "like" feature on LinkedIn - to affirm. The fact that it grabs the attention of the author should be a by-product, not the primary goal.


Go Forth and Play Favorites

Armed with this new information, go forth and favorite! I can assure you that it will grow your audience and open doors for you when used appropriately.

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