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Featured Site: Upward Brand Interactions Launches New Tolles Website

WRITTEN by: Mary Garrick |
categories: News , Community , Interactive , Content Marketing

Apr 2013


Upward Brand Interactions is excited to announce the launch of the Tolles Career & Technical Center website,, designed and developed by Upward Brand Interactions. Tolles is a hands-on learning career-technical education center focusing on high school and adult education.

The new site is a significant improvement in terms of design, usability and functionality. It features a News & Events feed throughout with easy-to-use filtering options, a site language translator to accommodate foreign language site visitors, a dynamic staff directory, and a very unique Experience Center.

The Experience Center is made up of in-class learning experiences across various educational programs such as Business & Information Technology, Construction & Manufacturing, Health Science, and Human Service. Web visitors can visit the Experience Center to learn more about the hand-on learning projects taking place at Tolles.

The new website was presented to the Tolles staff and educators at the launch party. Tolles is excited to share their unique education center via their new website!

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