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Content Marketing

Sep 30

Blurring the Lines Between PR + Content Marketing

WRITTEN by: Mary Garrick |
categories: Content Marketing

Clients would typically come to us for a traditional PR program, and if it made sense, we would take the opportunity to redirect their energy toward a more holistic approach that started with a content marketing plan.

Jul 29

Making Manufacturing Content Sexy

WRITTEN by: Bethany Bebech |
categories: Content Marketing, Industrial

After years of writing experience, nothing could have prepared me for my next big challenge—making manufacturing content sound sexy. With so many clients in the industrial space, this is a feat I must face on a regular basis. So, how have I found ways to make manufacturing content more appealing to the reader?

Jul 1

First, let me take a selfie!

WRITTEN by: Kari Palmer |
categories: Content Marketing

The selfie trend is not specific to the self-obsessed, social media-crazed people who have no actual friends. It is a mainstream marketing tool that can be utilized in multiple marketing applications.

Jun 25

4 Marketing Lessons From #WorldCup2014

WRITTEN by: Katy Reeve |
categories: Content Marketing

With Team USA in the midst of an epic battle in the first round of the World Cup, I have paid close attention to the games, as well as to the world-class marketing happening all around. Here are my top four marketing takeaways from the first round:

Jun 3

Print Is Dead

WRITTEN by: Chris Fry |
categories: Branding , Content Marketing

With fast-moving technology and digital media touch points, your print media has to stand out. It has to be unique, and it has to hold its own – which means you need to really give thought to the purpose of your print media in order to get the most out of your print pieces and print marketing dollars.

May 27

Glazed Over: Consumer Comprehension and Memory Retention

WRITTEN by: Jennifer Davidson |
categories: Content Marketing

It seems simple – in order for customers to be interested in spending money, first they must give you the time of day. This means understanding the product is key. Let’s say you do get a moment of their time – you need to be ready.

Apr 29

The Long and Short of Copywriting for Marketing

WRITTEN by: Mark Corcoran |
categories: Content Marketing

Marketing exists to engage people in ways that increase brand awareness, loyalty, and revenues. And it doesn’t matter what kind of marketing it is, either. Business-to-business or business-to-consumer, it’s all person-to-person.

Apr 22

An Opinion About Communicating

WRITTEN by: Margaret Schryver |
categories: Interactive, Content Marketing, Business Growth

I’ve now reached an age where nostalgia is part of my psyche because the world I currently live in is vastly different from the world of the 1950s. The world of my youth will never return again. It’s gone forever. This causes me to occasionally reflect on the things that are so commonplace today that we take for granted, but only 50 or 60 years ago were something very special indeed. With that in mind, I’m going to tell you a story about COMMUNICATION.

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