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Nov 5

The Anatomy of a Widget

WRITTEN by: Crystal Olig |
categories: Interactive

Widgets are kind of like the unicorns of the web world. It’s this mythical thing “doing something” on your website. We know we’ve seen something like it on that one website that one time, and it was really, really cool

Oct 29

Top Five Reasons User Experience Matters.

WRITTEN by: Shawn Metz |
categories: Interactive

The quality of that experience can determine if you engage a customer or lose one, reduce your support costs or increase them or create a strong or weak brand.

Oct 8

Your Website is Stupid

WRITTEN by: Bill Sterzenbach |
categories: Interactive

Everything is getting smarter. It seems that you can’t buy a car, appliance, or device that doesn’t boast of its smart-ness. In fact, if you really look, you’d be shocked at what they are calling “smart” today. I’ve seen smart toasters, smart fridges—and goodness yes—even smart toilets. With all of this smartness around us, I’m at a loss as to why we’re giving our websites a pass on their underachiever attitudes.

Jul 12

10 New Features You Didn’t Know Existed on Prezi

WRITTEN by: Upward Brand Interactions |
categories: Interactive

We recently launched a new internal initiative that brings all Genessa employees together once a month for a showcase showdown to discuss a new innovative idea, tool or resource. This month we discussed Prezi, a cloud-based presentation tool.

Apr 30

Featured Site: CompuNet Clinical Laboratories Health Marketing Website

WRITTEN by: Mary Garrick |
categories: Healthcare, News, Interactive, Content Marketing

Upward and partners at Genessa Health Marketing recently helped client CompuNet Clinical Laboratories launch a new marketing campaign including a beautifully designed website with enhanced features to better serve key audiences.

Apr 26

Featured Site: Upward Brand Interactions Launches New Tolles Website

WRITTEN by: Mary Garrick |
categories: Community, News, Interactive, Content Marketing

Upward Brand Interactions is excited to announce the launch of the Tolles Career & Technical Center website,, designed and developed by Upward Brand Interactions. Tolles is a hands-on learning career-technical education center focusing on high school and adult education.

Feb 21

Growing the Cure & Dynamic Web Design: A Winning Combination

WRITTEN by: Mary Garrick |
categories: Awards, Interactive

We would be remiss if we let this week pass without acknowledging the exciting news that earlier this week, our team brought home a prestigious Gold Hermes/ADDY Award for our work on the Growing the Cure website design and development.

Nov 19

Interact13: Are You Ready??

WRITTEN by: Crystal Olig |
categories: Business Growth, Interactive

Upward Brand Interactions is hosting a marketing conference in Springfield, Ohio, on January 17, 2013!

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