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Aug 5

4 Ways to Improve Your Company’s Website

WRITTEN by: Shawn Metz |
categories: Interactive

Let’s be honest, if you do a quick Google search you will find a lot of bad corporate websites out there. Some are just poorly designed. Others are hard to navigate. While others are just downright bad. But not every company can afford a complete redesign. I’m going to give you four easy changes you can make to improve your existing site.

Jun 9

Two Words Every b2b Website Should be Saying

WRITTEN by: Bill Sterzenbach |
categories: Interactive, B2B

If you are responsible for your b2b website, you probably need leads. How many leads do you need? More. When looking to boost your inbound leads, there are a few fairly simple changes that can make a substantial impact. Today we're going to talk about one such change: getting comfortable with the phrase "Call Me". Aside from the obvious positive impact in the singles scene, this phrase has equal potential in the business world.

Jun 1

Does Your Landing Page Have These 4 Critical Elements?

WRITTEN by: Bill Sterzenbach |
categories: Interactive

If you've developed a landing page for a campaign - congratulations! You are already way ahead of many of your competitors. That being said - it's probably time to evaluate how effectively your landing page is performing. No need to fear, the changes I'm going to suggest below do not require any technology ninja moves, they are basically content and organizational changes.

Apr 22

An Opinion About Communicating

WRITTEN by: Margaret Schryver |
categories: Interactive, Content Marketing, Business Growth

I’ve now reached an age where nostalgia is part of my psyche because the world I currently live in is vastly different from the world of the 1950s. The world of my youth will never return again. It’s gone forever. This causes me to occasionally reflect on the things that are so commonplace today that we take for granted, but only 50 or 60 years ago were something very special indeed. With that in mind, I’m going to tell you a story about COMMUNICATION.

Mar 4

The Instant Now, On-Demand

WRITTEN by: Chris Fry |
categories: Branding , Content Marketing, Interactive, SEO

I hate computers. In fact, I hate any electronic device that promises improved performance, faster download times, breathtaking capabilities, a more productive workflow and any other number of turbo-tastic descriptive phrases. I hate them all. Seems wrong doesn’t it?

Feb 4

The Learned Art of Live-Tweeting

WRITTEN by: Bethany Bebech |
categories: Interactive, Content Marketing

Live-tweeting can be a lot of work, but for those that enjoy using Twitter it can be exciting and can even increase your Twitter following in the process. Here are six of the most important things I learned about the art of live-tweeting at this year’s Interact Conference.

Jan 15

Marketing Through Social Media Without Being a Nuisance

WRITTEN by: William McKelvey |
categories: Content Marketing, Interactive

While it is important to be active on social media, many brands can cross the line between informative and bothersome and often end up being unfollowed or ignored on these social channels. This overbearing nature can be detrimental to a brand’s overall social presence. It is vital that any company utilizing social media walks that thin line that establishes themselves within the minds of users without overstepping their boundaries and hurting their overall message.

Dec 5

This Week’s Thoughts From The Web World

WRITTEN by: Jessica Stanley |
categories: Content Marketing, Interactive, Branding

The Upward interactive team is always keeping their eyes open for new trends in the web world from design ideas to content gathering. Here are some trends, ideas and fun snippets that have been on our minds this week…

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